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Does Discover Credit Card Need SSN?

If you’re considering applying for a Discover credit card, you may be wondering whether you need a Social Security number (SSN) to do so. Discover is a well-known credit card issuer that offers a range of cards with various rewards and benefits. In this article, we will explore whether Discover requires an SSN as part of their application process and discuss alternative options for those without an SSN. Let’s dive in!


The Role of SSN in Discover Credit Card Applications

Discover, like many other credit card issuers, requires applicants to provide their Social Security number during the application process. The SSN serves as a unique identifier and is used for identity verification purposes. It allows Discover to assess the applicant’s creditworthiness by accessing their credit history and determining their eligibility for a credit card.

Unfortunately, this means that if you do not have an SSN, you cannot obtain a Discover credit card directly through their standard application process. Discover’s policy mandates the inclusion of an SSN for all card applications.

How to apply discover credit card without ssn

Currently, you cannot obtain a Discover card without a Social Security number. This number is required as a fundamental part of the Discover credit card application system. If you do not have a Social Security number, you must choose a credit card that does not require one or you must obtain a Social Security number

how to apply discover credit card without ssn
how to apply discover credit card without ssn

Exploring Alternative Options

If you’re an immigrant, foreigner, or non-U.S. citizen residing in the United States without an SSN, you may still be able to acquire a credit card. While Discover requires an SSN, there are other credit card issuers that offer cards specifically designed for individuals in similar situations. These cards may have different application requirements and can provide an avenue for newcomers to establish credit history.

Some credit card options for individuals without an SSN include:

  1. Credit Cards for Immigrants: Certain credit card issuers offer cards tailored for immigrants, such as newcomers or international students. These cards may have alternative requirements, such as accepting an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) instead of an SSN.
  2. Secured Credit Cards: Secured credit cards are another viable option. These cards require a refundable deposit as collateral, which reduces the risk for the issuer. By responsibly using a secured credit card, you can build a positive credit history and potentially transition to an unsecured card in the future.

Discover Credit Card Benefits and Rewards

While obtaining a Discover credit card may require an SSN, it’s important to highlight the benefits and rewards that come with being a Discover cardholder. Discover offers a range of rewards programs and perks, making their cards attractive to many consumers.

  1. Cash Back Rewards: Discover credit cards are known for their cash back rewards programs. Cardholders can earn a percentage of cash back on their purchases, which can accumulate over time and be redeemed for various rewards.
  2. Refer a Friend Program: Discover also offers a refer a friend program, allowing cardholders to earn additional rewards when they successfully refer someone to apply for a Discover credit card. This can be a great way to leverage your network and earn extra benefits.

The Easy Activation Process

Once you’ve been approved for a Discover credit card, the activation process is quick and straightforward. You can activate your card online by visiting the official Discover website or by calling the activation number provided with your card. Following the activation process, you’ll be ready to start using your Discover credit card for purchases and taking advantage of its benefits.

Finding the Best Discover Credit Card for Your Needs

Discover offers a variety of credit cards, each with its own features and benefits. Choosing the right Discover card depends on your individual needs and preferences. Here are a few popular Discover credit cards:

  1. Discover it® Cash Back: This card is ideal for individuals who want to earn cash back rewards on their purchases. It offers rotating bonus categories that can earn you higher cash back rates, along with a cash back match for the first year.
  1. Discover it® Miles: If you enjoy traveling, the Discover it® Miles card may be a great option. It offers unlimited 1.5x miles on every dollar spent, which can be redeemed for travel expenses such as flights, hotels, and car rentals.
  2. Discover it® Student Cash Back: Designed specifically for students, this card offers cash back rewards on various categories that are popular among students, such as dining and grocery store purchases. It also provides access to tools for building good credit habits.
  3. Discover it® Secured Credit Card: For individuals looking to build or rebuild their credit, the Discover it® Secured Credit Card is worth considering. It requires a refundable security deposit and provides an opportunity to demonstrate responsible credit usage and improve your credit score.

To learn more about each card and their specific features, you can visit our comprehensive guide on which Discover credit card is the best for your needs.

Discover Credit Card Pre-Approval Process

Before officially applying for a Discover credit card, you may want to explore the option of pre-approval. Discover offers a pre-approval process that allows you to check if you’re likely to be approved for a credit card without impacting your credit score.

The Discover pre-approval process involves a soft credit inquiry, which does not leave a mark on your credit history. By providing some basic personal information, Discover will assess your creditworthiness and determine if you meet their criteria for approval.

To learn more about the Discover pre-approval process and how it can benefit you, visit our guide on discover pre qualify and discover pre approval credit card


While Discover credit cards do require an SSN during the application process, there are alternative options available for individuals without an SSN. By exploring credit cards designed for immigrants or considering secured credit cards, you can still access the benefits and rewards offered by credit card companies.