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How to pay discover card

You may be asking yourself a lot of questions about how to pay for your Discover card, payment methods, even where you can pay for it. These are questions that all Discover cardholders ask themselves and all the answers to these questions can be found here, with real, up-to-date data and information.

In this article we will highlight all the different payment methods for your discover card so that you can decide on your own which one is right for you and know how to do it.

¿How do I pay a Discover card bill?

Once we have our card before we start spending, we must take into account different factors before, one of the most important would be, how you are going to pay the card, luckily Discover has several options and more comfortable methods to make payments on time automatically and scheduled and from the comfort of your home.

Performing these steps to make payments takes time, as commented by other users, including the time spent on each step and contacting Discover if it is a necessity. That’s precisely why we’ve prepared this article with all the necessary information.

Turn to the online bill payment service from your bank account. Set up an automatic monthly payment to be sure you’ll pay on time and avoid late interest. Pay your credit card by phone by calling 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683) at any time. Mail your payment with the payment coupon that appears on your statement.

¿Where can I pay my Discover bill with cash?

Times have changed, we are in the digital era, also, Discover being an online bank opens the doors and possibilities to everyone with a wide range of payment methods.  However, although Discover has different and varied forms of payment, it does not have branches.

And therefore, it is not possible to pay in cash at a branch, in this case, an option to pay in cash, would be through Wester Union, is the option that we recommend.

¿How is it done? Send money in person:

  • Identify a Western Union agent.
  • Provide your personal information and the recipient’s information by filling out a form.
  • Let them know the amount you want to send and make the payment in cash.
  • Write down the transaction number or MTCN.

This is the option we can offer you if you need to make the payment in cash.

¿How do I pay my Discover credit card on the app? 

pay discover credit card from the app

Make a payment yourself to your Discover card account with the Discover mobile app by following these simple four steps:

  1.  Log in to the app and select Payments from the bottom navigation bar, then “Pay.”
  2.  Select your desired payment amount: checking account balance, bank statement, minimum payment or other value.
  3. Choose your preferred bank account and if you wish to apply any of the cash back bonuses you have earned to the payment.
  4.  Tap Continue Review, then review the information before tapping Confirm.

With this guide on how to pay your Discover card from the app anyone can do it. On the other hand, if you are more interested in a payment method directly from an ATM or something like that here is the information.

¿Can you pay a Discover credit card at an ATM?

There are several ways to pay for your Discover card, including online at or with our mobile app using your bank account information. Other options include mailing a check using the return envelope on your statement or paying by phone using the number on the back of your card.

 As an online-only bank, they have their own payment methods that make payments accessible to anyone and everyone, so they do not have an ATM payment option. Because this option would change the new structure of the company.

¿Can I pay my Discover card with PayPal?

Paypal is one of the most important and recognized electronic payment platforms in the world, already well established. So, maybe you have an account or you want to create one and your question is, Is it possible for Discover to accept Paypal payment?

Most major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc. are accepted by PayPal. Debit cards with Visa or MasterCard logos can also be linked to PayPal.

¿How long does it take for payment to post Discover?

One of Discover’s main benefits and strengths is payment processing. As an online-only bank, it strives to process payments quickly.

how to pay discover card on app

 Discover posts payments to your account the same day if received by midnight Eastern Time, 6 days a week. Discover does not process payments on Saturdays. If Discover receives a payment after midnight on a Friday or holiday, your account will be credited the next business day.

¿How can I pay my credit card bill with a check?

Checks are also a viable way to pay off your Discover card debt.  You can mail a check using the self-addressed envelope on your bank statement or pay by phone using the number on the back of your card.

 You can mail your check to the address on the payment coupon at the bottom of your credit card statement. If you cannot find this address, please mail your check to:

  • Discover Financial Services
  • P.O. Box 6103
  • Carol Stream, Illinois 60197-6103

¿Can I pay my discover card with a credit card?

Due to fees and commissions, Discover does not accept this method of payment. Because of the fact that, if you accept credit card payments, you must pay so-called interbank fees to the credit card issuing bank and card network (e.g., Visa or MasterCard).

 This would cause unnecessary costs that we do not want and inconvenience to the company and customers.

¿What are my payment requirements?

Please see below for more information on payment posting:

For Non-Discover It® Card Members:

Payments submitted before 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) with a payment posting date of the same day will be credited to your account that day
Payments submitted after 5:00pm will not be posted same day, and will have a posting date of the next day.
Payments scheduled for a future date will be credited to your account on the date selected
Online and phone payments scheduled, but not yet posted, can be canceled online up until 5:00 p.m. ET on the payment posting date and will not post to your account

¿Can I auto pay my credit card bill?

Yes, you can set up automatic payments so you can pay on time. Simply setup the autopay amount to your minimum payment, your invoice balance, or a custom amount, and the payment will be deduced through your credit card automatically each month.

You also get an email reminder a few days before your payment is due. This is one of the amazing benefits and features that discovery cards have, it is very useful as many times we forget or don’t take enough precautions.

¿Why sign up for a Discover card?

If you want to contract or get a card with many utilities, functions and facilities, Dicover is undoubtedly an excellent option. With all the payment methods and facilities that we have just presented, along with the requirements and specifications, depending on your case and how you see it easier.