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¿How do I cancel my Discover credit card?

If you feel that you no longer need a credit card for some reason, either because you can no longer afford it or you are not using it as much as you would like and you feel it is beyond your needs, you can cancel it. If you are worried that you may carry debt because you no longer have the same income.

As well as if perhaps it is a joint credit card and you want to sever your relationship with your partner a smart move would be to close the credit card.

how to cancel discover card online
how to cancel discover credit card

Before doing so you should take into account if it is undoubtedly necessary, since closing it can also have certain consequences if you don’t do it for the right reasons. But you are free to cancel your credit card as long as you are solvent with your payments.

Follow these 5 easy steps to cancel your card from the Banking application

  • Start by entering your data in the Banking application.
  • Go to the bottom of the screen and choose cards.
  •  Scroll down to the left until you see the card you are looking for.
  • Click on the Cancel card option.
  • To complete the request, click on Confirm.

You will then be provided with a phone number where you will be attended by one of your operators.

  • After they answer your call, explain that you wish to dehydrate your pearl so that they can dehydrate your pearl in their systems.
  • Provide the ambassador with your 16-digit congratulatory monogram so they can circumscribe your pearl in their system and cancel it for you.
  • If you are canceling required to an uneasiness with the task, explain the uneasiness to the ambassador of illusion to the most roundly virtual customer and ask him if he can help you further with that uneasiness.
  • Request an assertion monogram from the customer task ambassador and write it down to check that your pearl has been correctly cancelled.

¿Can I close a Discover card online? ¿from a website?

how to cancel discover card online
Discover credit card cancelation

The standard way to cancel a credit card is through a phone call, here at Discover you will need to call the number on the back of your card, if you don’t have it with you you can also call 1-800-DISCOVER. This is so that an agent can take your information and record the reasons for canceling your card and verify that you are in good standing. That said, Discover does not have a method to cancel cards online.

¿Does closing a credit card hurt your credit?

This is a fear that invades all customers who have credit cards because they believe that canceling them may affect their credit history, which is not the case, naturally, as there are no outstanding accounts.

Of course it will not affect your credit history if you cancel your credit card, you have the freedom and power to do so as long as you make the payments and you are up to date with your balances, not only the one you are going to cancel but also all the previous ones, so as not to carry interest.

¿What happens if I close a credit card with a positive balance?

If you have a balance on the card you must pay it off before canceling the card, otherwise the issuer may still charge you interest over time. On the other hand, if the balance is in your favor, (this can happen thanks to the different benefits offered by credit cards, such as refunds, bonuses, etc.), that is, the issuing bank will owe you.

Before canceling your account, you should contact the company’s agents and you can request a check with the refund of your money, that is to say, the balance in favor, in order to cancel your card.

 ¿Do I have to pay off my balance before closing my account?

When you close your account it is not an obligation to pay all the balance on your card, it is just a tip, to prevent you from keeping an outstanding balance and making the minimum required payments. In other words, it is not an obligation, but you would start paying interest on that balance.

This is an advantage if you need to close the account immediately because you do not have enough liquidity, but you will still have to make a minimum payment for that remaining credit balance.

¿Can I close my card on a temporary basis?

Discover does not currently offer the option to momentarily cancel a card account, but does offer the option to deactivate the card by setting a specific time period, without permanently canceling the account.

Normally people cancel it if they are unemployed for a period of time, to reduce the amount of cards, etc. It is a good option to keep your card but give payments a pause.

¿Will I be charged a fee if I close my account?

At the moment of canceling your account there is no charge for any of these procedures, they are totally free. Canceling your card is your right and you are free to do so without making any payment.

¿How much to cancel discover credit card?: Conclusions

So now you know the whole process to cancel a credit card with their recommendations, the main thing to pay attention to the balance and verify that everything is normal so that you do not incur interest.